2017-04-25 20:59:12  
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Continental Villas West Homeowners Association  
1825 W Marlette Ave  
Hi Board Members,

I recently attempted to purchase a home in your community and had a very negative experience that I believe your board would want to be aware of. There is a gentlemen who owns two units according to the county assessor's site, Michael Galligan. The unit for sale was 1706 W Marlette Ave and the other is 1822 W Marlette Ave. We were made aware that he uses the one for sale as an AirBNB both by him and by a neighbor. As I saw in the HOA documents, this is not currently allowed.
The other part of this negative experience was that this individual retained his real estate license last month in an attempt to unload the property himself. However, upon accepting the offer and signing off on all the documents he failed to list the above mentioned property as Under-Contrace in the MLS system. On the 6th day he came back and without reason cancelled our contract, illegally, all the while having shown the property and still having it as Active in the MLS system.
This individual is being reported to the Arizona Board of Real Estate and we are looking to still be a part of your community but this is someone we felt the board would want to be aware of.