2017-08-22 00:00:00  
Complaint to HOA  
Dessert Foothill Estates  
2998 Tierra Vida  
Bullhead City  
I just received a notice of late payment which is odd since I set up auto pay online. I call the person on my notice, Suzzi Williams and she states to me, and I quote "" no one really uses that service as it has issues so they choose to just send a check or do through the bank directly"". If this is the case why have them at all and also why not let new home owners know this in advance.
I will send in my payment as I am suppose to but I am asking for the HOA to remove my late fees due to the fact that this is a known issue. I am a board member in my association here in Vegas and we would never allow this in our HOA and we don't have someone tell home owners there is a known problem with auto pay, very irresponsible of this person and the group she works for.

thank You

Ricky James