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Orangewood Vista Views HOA  
7358 N 72nd Av  
I just received a collection letter finally something from the HOA. I have been trying to contact the HOA since we bought the house in 2016 without success. I contacted the phone number in the given in the sales disclosure 623.236.9680 many times and no one answered and I left a message and no one got back to me. I emailed and the email failed. It's a very strange this HOA like no one is working there and now I am receiving the debt collection!!! I wanted to contact them to find out where and how much I should pay for the HOA but I just couldn't get hold of them!!! I have never received a bill or statement from them like other HOA would mail to their managed property. I love to pay this HOA fee but I need to know where to send to and how much and how often? Can you please provide the entire information about this HOA so that I can contact them about this HOA fees that I am supposed to pay? It would much be appreciated!